The Profound Concept

Embrace Deep Insight

Gain entry to the incense-imbued inner sanctums of ancient temples and the secret workshops of master craftsmen. View, up-close, priceless painted folding screens that make the sights and sounds of Japan’s bustling medieval ages come alive. Meet the caretakers of Japan’s cultural backbone, who offer powerful and insightful glimpses into history in an unforgettable way.

Profound Tourism offers rare face-to-face encounters and adds depth with exciting interactive digital materials developed from Toppan’s prodigious archives.

Profound Programs

Exclusive and Personal

Unique access to top-class cultural properties not open to the public, exposure to age-old artistry techniques and secrets, and meetings with the revered people who protect cultural heritage are hallmarks of Toppan’s Profound Tourism.

The following tour concepts have been designed around visits and experiences that ultimately bring you to an understanding of essential Japanese cultural touchstones.

Tours focus on the following concepts:

  • Heritage
  • Craftsmanship
  • Aesthetic Sense
  • Harmony with Nature
  • Mindful Training

Profound Movie

Our Exclusive Features

Profound tourism offers the following:

  • A journey with deep insights and discoveries that cannot be obtained by ordinary sightseeing
  • The chance to meet and interact with people who protect and inherit cultural assets

Opportunities designed for corporate customers:

  • Mindful introspection by immersion in the world of Japanese culture
  • Cultural exposure that leads to an understanding of Japanese society and the Japanese market
  • Studies in sustainability through the organization of an inherited and long- preserved ancient temple
  • Team building through experience and dialogue with people

Various cultural experience programs are available to meet your needs.
Please contact us for details.

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About us

Toppan Profound Tourism is a new approach to tourism brought to you by Toppan Inc. and Toppan Travel Service.

Imagine-a wooden temple structure that has stood for over 1,200 years. A painted folding screen that conveys the bustling city sounds of the Middle Ages into the present. The majestic form of a castle no longer visible today. Cultural assets such as these are windows that allow you to understand the aesthetics, techniques, philosophies, and even the spirit of Japan preserved within Japanese culture with rich history.

Through encounters with deeply valuable sites and tradition-bearers, we propose profound travel to experience the authentic sides of Japan.

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