MICE Services & Portfolio

Beverage Maker Annual Meeting

Client: Overseas Beverage Maker, Japan Branch
Date: January 2020

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Participants: 500 Employees in Japan
Services: Venue Research, Venue Decoration, Participants Applications, Overall Operation

This annual event usual uses a traditional gala dinner layout for their conference in the 5Star-Hotel, but this time, they were looking for some special space coordination and design. 
We tried to get away from the traditional layout and delivered a meeting which was not stereotype.
A lot of different areas and an at-home-feeling helped to enhance the communication between the participants.


Annual Board Meeting

Client: Foreign Automotive Company (Japan Branch)
Date: September 2018

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Participants: 250 employees from the Asian-Pacific Region, Board Staff from the HQ
Services: Accommodation, Transportation, Venues, Program Coordination (Gala Dinner, Sightseeing, Technical Visits), Translators, Meeting Planning

Description: Beknown automotive maker originated in Europe was to hold their Annual Board Meeting in Japan organized by their Japanese branch near Tokyo. 
We helped to find the most luxurious venue and arranged for all of the meeting equipment, translations, scripts, staff and much more.
Further, we offered selectable additional programs for sightseeing to all participants.


Honor Day 2020

Client: Import Company Honor Day 2020
Date: Jan 2020

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Participants: Open to public. 50 wine suppliers from Europe
Services: Venue Research, Participant Applications, Logistics, Accommodation

Gala Incentive which combines the announcement of the annual management policy and awarding for successful employees. 
We helped with the total production of the event, which made a rememberable experience and effective operation possible.


Okinawa Incentive

Client: German Manufacturing Company
Date: September 2017
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Participants: 250 Employees from the Asia-Pacific region
Services: Accommodation, Transportation, Team Building Events, Sight Seeing, Conference, Special Cultural Activities, Gala Dinner, Event Coordination, Air Tickets

Description: This German Manufacturer is hosting incentives for their regional employees everywhere around the world. We were proud to help with all the preparations for their Asian branches incentive to the subtropical island resort of Japan – Okinawa. 
Coming from all around Asia, we focused on team building activities and special cultural programs to introduce the special culture of Okinawa to the participants.


VIP Customer Trade Fair Visit

Client: Japanese Automotive Company
Date: November 2017, November 2019 (Tokyo Motor Show, Big Sight)
Participants: 500 VIP customers from all regions of the world
Services: Accommodation, Transportation, Program Coordination (Gala Dinner, Sightseeing, Technical Visits), Visa to Japan, Translators, Event Coordination

Description: Our client invites their customers using their products all around the world to Japan on a regular basis. We are dealing with their smallest groups of 2 to their largest groups of 700. We fulfill every special wish for sightseeing or TVs in all regions of Japan.
Qualified interpreters help us with coordinating the full program from arriving to departing from the airport.


Special Interest Tour: Discover Japanese Logistics

Client: Japanese Automotive (Truck) Company
Date: December 2019

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Participants: 150 VIP customers from the Middle-East and Singapore
Services: Accommodation, Transportation, Visa to Japan, Translators, Program Arrangements for special technical visits to facilities featuring Japanese logistic techniques. 

Description: Based on the request of our client to show their customers from overseas unique Japanese techniques of logistics, we arranged a special tailor-made program with visits to 8 beknown companies and facilities around the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
Translators helped with the communication and all special wishes of the visitors for sight-seeing or restaurants were fulfilled.


UD Trucks Test Drive Event (Automated Drive Experience)

Client: UD Trucks
Date: August, February 2019, August 2018

Location: Kumamoto, Ibaraki, Hokkaido .. Various locations around Japan
Participants: 800+ domestic and foreign customers

Services: Accommodation, Transportation, Test Circuit Coordination, Test Drive Event Operation, Gala Dinner, AV, Merchandise, Translators, Event Equipment, Venue Decoration and Construction, Printings, Visa to Japan

Description: UD Trucks is introducing their newest truck products to their clients from all over Japan – and sometimes from foreign countries. We helped to find the right circuit and prepared all operational manuals and equipment for the event itself. 
AV, Printings, Venue Decoration or Logistic, we prepare the full package for any event./p>


Table Tennis Camp

Client: Kodama Foundation, inc Japan Table Tennis Association
Date: November, 2019

Location: Shizuoka, Japan
Participants: 100

Services: Accommodation, Transportation, Sports Event Operations

Description: Nurturing the future Olympic Medalists of the Japanese Table Tennis World. 
As a venue, we chose Iwata City in Shizuoka prefecture, a famous town of many former medalists of Table Tennis. 
We helped with the operations and applications of the participants, and prepared a sports event which is not only supposed to be training, but also improving everyone’s mental, physical, strategic and personal


HHI Japan Hip Hop Tournament

Client: Hip Hop International Japan
Date: April 2019 (Every year since 2012)

Location: Tokyo, Japan Participants: 400 Visitors (Ticket Sale), 180 Dancers from all around Japan Services: Venue Research, Overall Operations, Dancer Applications, Merchandise, Ticket Sales, Social Media Advertisements, Logistics & Accommodation 

Description: Our client is an active part in the worldwide Hip Hop association HHI and the organizer of the preliminary tournament in Japan. Being the only official secretariat in Japan, we help with the overall concept-making, operations, applications, logistics and all staffing for the day of the event – also we help with travel procedures for Japanese dancers taking part in the world tournament in the USA.